A frantic week

The remaining four days of this week are pretty frantic. I’ve just checked into a hotel in Auckland, and got three meetings during the day up here, then on National Radio’s The Panel from 4 pm to 5 pm.

Then at 6 pm is the Agenda (TVNZ) Xmas Party. Could be a late one!

Unfortunately early tomorrow I have to catch an early flight to Wellington for an InternetNZ meeting, then a meeting with TUANZ and then a client meeting. And Wednesday evening is that Nats’ Xmas Party.

Thursday is back to Auckland and due to returning concert goers there are no seats left, so driving to Palmie it looks like and flying up from there which will be a pain. Meetings until 7 pm, so staying overnight.

Then Friday have an Electoral Commission seminar on Maori participation which kicks off at 10 am. By chance this is at Wgtn Airport so at least I’ll be able to head straight into it when I land!

I think I’ll have to delay catching up on sleep until the weekend!

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