Eating Media Lunch

Just watching the My Sky recording of Eating Media Lunch last Friday. One of the best ever – the annual awards. I just can’t believe Jeremy Wells gets away with this. The scene where one award was presented by Britney Spears’ [insert slang term for cat here] was hilarious. Even the Pope was a presenter!

Award winners were:

Outstanding Performance (Dance): Pete Hodgson and Trevor Mallard

Dover Samuel Awards for Services to Urination: Lisa from America’s Next Top Model

Outstanding Sporting Moment: The groin incident on Monday Night Dodgeball

Perv of the Year: Hayden Jones of 20/20 for his interview asking if breasts were real

Outstanding Moment in a Reality Show: Piha Rescue as a water birth goes wrong

Inappropriate Laughing Award: Paul Henry and Kay Gregory on Breakfast about blind singers

Twangered in the Line of Duty Award: Pete Cronshaw of 20/20 for taking drugs

Best Cancelled Show: Glory Hole on Sky One

Cheeky Darkie Award: Michael Laws for calling the Tongan King a brown slug

Outstanding Performance in an Infomercial: Martin Crowe for Advanced Hair

Best Sex Scene (including rooting, oral or dry humping): Pugsly in It’s Me or the Dog as he humps the sound recordist

Most Slippery Politician: John Key on religion, on Agenda

Outstanding Moment in a Chat Show: The guy who plays Kramer on Dave Letterman

Best Regional TV: talking about having sexual feelings for your pets on Taranaki TV

Outstanding Moment in a Live Broadcast: Nicky Watson on Alt TV

Fluff of the Year: Brendon Pongia on Good Morning

New Zealander of the Year Nominees:

* Colin Smith the armless driver caught at 121 km/hr
* The women who burnt a cat fur rug on the steps of Parliament
* The guy who got shot trying to hold up a gun shop with a machete
* Gin the Otter

And the winner was Colin Raymond Smith.

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