Fun in London

It was a fun two weeks in London. I didn’t do any tourist stuff this time, and felt like an old hand navigating my way around.

I stayed near the Docklands in the East End, which saw me every day tube to Tower Hill and have a lovely walk past the Tower of London through St Katharine’s Docks to the apartment.


These are the docks. The apartments on the waterfront would be very very expensive.


The tower on a typical day.


This is a statue of the Roman Emperor Trajan in front of some of the original city wall. of Londonium.

The only thing that was really bad in London was it gets dark a bit after 4 pm. That’s seriously weird.

Currently in Hong King so almost home. Was somewhat late for the flight from Heathrow, in that I got transported at high speed on one of those indoor buggys to my departure gate. Was quite fun actually, and best of all my upgrades came through so it was the joys of business not cattle class.

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