Was helping a mate move in his girlfriend’s gear yesterday. The biggest obstacle was the fridge which we had to get up two narrow flights of steps.

Around two thirds of the way up, we tilt a bit too much towards the wall and my mate ends up with his hand between the fridge and the wall.

He lets off a stream of ef words, and then looking at me yells out “F**k I hate the Jews”. His Mel Gibson/Eric Cartman impression sends us both into hysterics which is not a good thing to happen while holding a fridge upright. We come close to losing the fridge but recover just in time.

Sometimes humour between close mates is lost on others. I’m not sure having just met his girlfriend for the first time I should have told her that she is wasting her time moving in with him, as now she is living in Wellington she’ll be able to find someone better before long. I did like her response though that she’ll then just throw him out of the apartment and keep it for her and the new guy!

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