Contacting DPF

I’m doing this so I can permamently link it from the sidebar as my contact details.


You can e-mail me on (easy to remember). If for some reason that isn’t working (it goes through a US provider) you can also try


My main mobile is 027 447 0216. If you are calling me on InternetNZ related business my INZ cellphone is 021 940 045. Also I can be skyped on dpfdpf.

Instant Messaging

Skype: dpfdpf


PO Box 12270
Wellington 6144

Please note that I receive a huge amount of e-mail every day. I do read it all, but it can sometimes take me several days or longer to reply to something if it is non trivial. I’m not rude, just busy. The best way to get something to my immediate attention is a phone call or even a text message.

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