Beehive Poll Rigging

The Dominion Post yesterday ran a poll (well a survey) on whether John Key would be the next PM. It’s quite unscientific, but still generates a story with the results.

Now the interesting thing is most of yesterday the poll had around 55% saying Key would be. Then suddenly there was a massive influx of votes saying no – you could see them flow in at a rate of more than one per second. Strongly suggesting an automated rigging of the poll. A quick investigation found the poll was not banning repeating voting from the same IP address, so the Dom Post were alerted to this rigging.

They published today that overall 63% said John Key would not be the next Prime Minister, but 17,000 of those votes came from parliamentary computers. If you remove all parliamentary votes, then that drops to 45%, with a majority, 55%, saying he will be the next PM.

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