CYFSWatch Blog publishes MP death threat

They are literally their own worst enemies. I find it sad that such poor judgement lets down what is actually a worthwhile cause.

The NZ Herald has the story of the threat, and the reaction.

Not only does CYFSWatch solicit Bradford’s residential address, they then try to blackmail her by saying they will not publish the address if she withdraws her bill. That is outraegous and I suspect illegal.

The actual threat is here. I am now linking to it, because I want people to be able to see how repugnant the posts are. Their exact words:

I would like the opportunity to drive my fist straight into her face as hard as I can, hopefully breaking her nose or jaw in the process. As she is lying on the ground, blood and mucous pouring profusely from her nose and mouth, I would then give her a light smack on her substantial arse, and ask her “Now Sue, is the difference a little more clearer to you?”.

This is just repulsive stuff, and goes so far across the line that Google should close the blog down. Criticism is one thing. Publishing explicit accounts of desired violence against an MP, soliciting their home address and then trying to blackmail them to drop a bill or they publish it, is quite another.

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