People Power linked to CYFSWatch?

Whale Oil does some detective work and finds that the group claiming responsibility for the brick attacks on offices of MPs who supported the Electoral Finance Act, may also be the people who set up CYFSWatch.

As it was discovered that The Standard was being (temporarily) hosted on the same server and IP address range as various Labour Party sites, Whale Oil has posted how the IP address of is shared with:

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Now shared hosting doesn’t mean you are necessarily linked.  For example my blog shares an IP address with Stephen Franks – yet this is just coincidence – something arranged by our ISP.  Of course I had lunch with Stephen on Thursday, so one could manage a quite nice conspiracy theory if you wanted.

Anyway as CYFSWatch and People Power are both anonymous sites, it seems quite plausible.

I know the Police some months ago did track down at least one of the people involved in the CYFSWatch site, so they may not have much work to follow inquiries.

I note that People Power have done a third attack.  There are much better ways to protest than throwing bricks through windows, and they really should stop – all they do is harm the cause they are advocating for – a criticism which perhaps by no coincidence is also often said about the groups involved in advocacy for male parents with regard to CYFS and the Family Court.

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