Hot Fuzz

Got persuaded at the last minute to go to the late showing of Hot Fuzz last night. didn’t go with much in the way of expectations but ended up having a great time. It’s a cool little comedy.

The basic premise is Nick Angel is London’s most efficient cop. So efficient he makes the others look bad, so his bosses send him off to a sleepy little town. On his first night there he nicks most of the local pub for under age drinking and one of his colleagues for !

Now Nick is not a Stallone like grunt cop. He’s been well trained by the Met Police, even to the point he corrects other cops who refer to the Police Force, saying it is now the Police Service as this is the official less aggressive name. And policewomen are police officers etc. The local cops range from the offensive to the fat to the thick.

Now a number of locals turn up dead, and everyone but Nick is convinced they are accidents. The suspects are multiple and there are a few twists. And a great battle to end it all. Oh and lots of gore in the deaths.

More a blokes film, but the two gals with seemed to enjoy it also. Not the funniest film of all time, but definitely a good laugh that was well worth seeing. Overall around a 7.5/10.

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