More harassment of conservatives in the US

CNN reports:

Conservative activists Candace Owens and Charlie Kirk were accosted at a Philadelphia restaurant on Monday by protesters from a local antifa group. …

Videos posted by Owens, who is black, and Kirk on Twitter depict an angry scene in which protesters recite chants such as “f— white supremacy,” “no good cops in a racist system” and “cops and Klan hand-in-hand.”

In one video, Owens remarks to a black police officer that it is “bizarre” to her that “there are a bunch of white people saying ‘no racists,’ or ‘no good cops,’ when every single cop here is black.”
Owens told CNN that the racial split of the scene was “jarring,” with the mostly black and Hispanic police officers barricading Kirk and her from the white protesters.
So a black Conservative activist had to be protected from white liberal anti-racism activists by black and latino Police, while the white anti-racists decried the Police as also being racist.
I suspect this idiocy will continue, and eventually some on the right will retaliate and do stuff such as throwing aborted foetuses at pro-life politicians in restaurants.
The division of America just gets worse.

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