A great day

Went up to Pararparaumu with friends for a outdoor lunch at mutual friends. Almost no traffic which was great. Despite being April the weather was like mid summer. We spent hours outside enjoying sun and wine and chat. A great way to spend a public holiday.

Was very funny as I am chatting to one of their kids about university, as she is choosing between Vic and Otago for her first year. I, of course, am encouraging Otago and was telling her the good hostels. Her parents less impressed as I tell her about that Otago has courses such as surveying where there are about 20 guys for every girl. She seemed very enthused about that course, especially as she says most girls are annoying (and whom an I to disagree). Alas I think she will stay with her law intentions.

Left at 11.30 and got back at 4.30 – four cops on the way up but none on the way back. The headlights got plenty of use!

A quiet evening in tonight. Tomorrow sees me up in the Wairarapa during the day, hopefully trialling some assault siege constructions for use against the Beehive. Then in the evening planning a “big night out” bar hopping with some tourists.

Might see Black Sheep at some stage over the weekend.

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