A challenge for the Greens

Green co-leader Russel Norman has blogged on the latest poll results. Norman notes that it is hard to see where Labour can go now, and also criticises their lack of substance on sustainability issues.

Now here is my challenge to the Greens. I don’t expect that given a choice between a Labour led or National led Government, the Greens will ever have National as their first choice. But what if Labour were not a viable choice. Would the Greens be open to an agreement to at least abstain on confidence and supply, and what would their key priorities be in exchange for such an agreement?

Would the Greens be better off just opposing a National led Government, or should they try and influence it?

And even if National did gain enough votes to govern alone, should it try and get agreements with various parties to form a broader coalition? One could do coalition agreements with ACT and United Future and confidence and supply agreements (either to vote for or to abstain) with both the Maori Party and the Greens. It might mean a less distinctive programme in some areas, but it also might mean a more sustainable government?

This isn’t taking 2008 for granted by any means. I am sure the polls will change over the next 18 months. But they are useful questions to consider.

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