Hilton back in jail

Paris Hilton is back in jail after the Judge over-ruled the Sheriff’s Department to have her serve the 45 day sentence at home.

I am surprised that No Right Turn has not been leading the campaign to have her freed though, if he is to be consistent.

You see No Right Turn has stated that it is inhumane for New Zealand to jail illegal immigrants who refuse to sign their deportation papers. He’s said that if any illegal immigrant is willing to spend three months in jail, then they should be allowed to stay in NZ, and says keeping them there longer is sadistic and vicious.

Personally I think it is about upholding the rule of law. Imprisonment is the final sanction for any law breaker. If obeying the law becomes voluntary, then we’ll have massive problems.

Now take the case of Paris – she is no threat to the community. Her crime is, just like the illegal immigrants, refusing to obey the order of a judicial body. There is no actual point to having her in jail, instead of killers and rapists etc etc. So where is teh human rights campaign for her?

But oh wait, there is a reason she is in prison. A great reason. To show that no-one is above the law. That wealth and privilege does not mean you can blame your disobeyal of court instructions on your assistants.

But just as the law applies to wealthy people, it also applies to illegal immigrants. If they have had their due process, their appeals, their multiple hearings, and they have been ordered deported from NZ, it is unacceptable to just let them ignore this if they choose not to sign their travel papers. Because it will send a signal to all illegal immigrants to do the same.

I am very pro-immigration. But it is for NZ to choose who gets to live here, and how many. We can not afford unlimited unrestricted immigration.

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