Party Pills to be banned

Hmmn, prohibition, yeah that works so well, let’s do it some more. Didn’t prohibition of alcohol work so well in the USA? And hasn’t prohibition of cannabis stopped people smoking pot? So I am sure the BZP party pill ban will be just as successful.

I’ve never taken a party pill in my life, probably never will. But I am not convinced that the level of harm they cause has been proven to be high enough to warrant prohibition.

According to Frog, United Future and not convinced a ban will work, likewise of course for the Greens. Sadly National looks set to support Jim Anderton on this issue, even though I know views in Caucus are widespread. A pity it can’t be a conscience vote.

No Right Turn makes the excellent point:

Number of New Zealanders killed by alcohol: over one thousand a year.
Number of New Zealanders killed by tobacco: 5000 a year.
Number of New Zealanders killed by BZP: none.

And that is on a user base of 250,000 NZers who use party pills.

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