PM appoints herself head of lynch mob

I was really pleased with most of the reaction to the halt the lynch mob post, as posters from all over the political spectrum seemed to agree that the issue of the tragic death wasn’t quite the simple story the media first suggested it was of a power contractor seeing a woman on a life support machine and cutting the power off and walking out the door as she died. It turns out it wasn’t a life support machine, and the facts of whether the contractor was aware are in dispute.

The death is being investigated by the Police as a possible homicide, and there are two other inquiries into the tragic death. But none of this has stopped the PM from declaring not only is Mercury all to blame, but instructing them to stop defending themselves.

Shit who needs the Police, who needs the Coroner, who needs the facts. All we need is a PM behind in the polls who desperately wants to appears strong.

As I said in my last post, I think Trevor Mallard has acted with great care and responsibility in this matter. I can’t say the same thing about his boss.

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