Desperate and Dateless

My God this is so sad.  After having got laughed at over their two year old story about where John Key registered his address, today tried to link him to leaky homes.  The best they can find is he went into business with a coupel of people, who four years *before* had had built a leaky home.

Colin Espiner I am sure is speaking for the entire press gallery when he says:

Oh, for heaven’s sake! Someone needs to tell Prime Minister Helen Clark to call off her attack dogs until they’ve got something decent to chew on.

The paltry fare served up on John Key by Labour’s research unit for the likes of Pete Hodgson and Clayton Cosgrove to growl over of late has been nothing short of a total embarrassment.

Colin turns to today’s attack:

Today Labour plumbed new depths, serving up a patsy on leaky buildings to Clayton Cosgrove so he could attack Key for once having an involvement with two businessmen who allegedly designed and built some leaky apartments in Auckland.

The story, which appeared in that reputable staple of the Government’s research unit – The Truth newspaper – goes that Key was a shareholder in a business, Earl of Auckland Ltd, along with two others involved in the city’s property market.

His business partners built the apartments now subject to leaky building claims in 1997. But Key says he had nothing to do with the buildings – which were completed four years before he even began a business relationship with the men.

Had Key been directly involved with building leaky homes, or shirked his responsibilities to clients once problems had become known, this might – might – be a story. But on the facts known at the moment, this smear attempt on Key is nothing short of totally pathetic.

You really have to wonder who is driving Labour’s strategy.  Colin outs it down to sheer panic:

It speaks volumes about the panic now gripping Labour, as National sits at 50 per cent in the polls, that it is prepared to stoop to grabbing stories out of a discredited scandal sheet like Truth and run them in Parliament without even checking all the facts.

What’s next? A breathless account about how Key failed to return his overdue books to the Christchurch Public Library in 1973? A thunderous denounciation of the National leader for failing to donate to a boy scout fundraising drive?

It’s such a pity we have to wait 15 months to get a chance to vote and show what we think.

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