A chance meeting

At the Auckland Koru Club yesterday, I ran into Michael Laws.  Now this was actually the first time we had met since Michael got me arrested around 13 or 14 years ago.  And by coincidence my company had also just done a poll for his local newspaper on the Wanganui Mayoralty.

Ended up having a lively and enjoyable chat for half an hour or so on everything from polls to Young Nationals to the Laws Watch blog to the arrest. Michael was very amused that I did not in fact know I had broken the law yet alone was the subject of a Police manhunt until I turned on the 6pm news in a ski lodge.  He’s actually seen the faxes commemorating it at the Backbencher and offered to be the guest of honour at the 15 year anniversary.  We had the arresting officer (who happened to be Michael’s neighbour) as the guest of honour at the first anniversary.

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