Activists arrested

In preparation for the Electoral Finance Bill, the Government has pre-emptively arrested 17 Green Party and Maori Party activists today in a series of raids involving 300 police officers.

“Their protest activities will be illegal next year, so we figured we’d be pro-active and arrest them now to save time” said a Police spokesperson.

Okay for those lacking a satire function, no I am not serious – I am taking the piss.

Turning to serious analysis, it is interesting though what has happened. If it involves 300 Police you have to assume it is more serious that someone mouthing off to a couple of friends, but that there are real serious crimes being planned. Quite how all the arrests are linked together I don’t know. And if they are not linked, then why the co-ordinated swoops under the Suppression of Terrorism Act and Firearms Act.

Like everyone, I am waiting to see what further information there is, and what it all means. I understand [name deleted by DPF due to suppression order] is one of those arrested. Now she’s a [details deleted by DPF due to suppression order]. I have heard rumours that some of the Happy Valley group has been going over the top, but rumour is not fact.

We should most of all be grateful that the raids and arrests were done without any harm occurring to officers or those arrested. We should find out shortly more information on why these arrests happened, and then there will be a judicial process to follow. I for one will try and not rush to judgement.

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