More on the arrests

One of the great things about the blogosphere is that activists from all over the spectrum post, and hence it it a superb source of information.

Asher has a useful collection of details from during the day.

But it is the comment from Bomber that most intrigues me:

I’ve just come back from talking with some people in the activist community who have an idea of what is going on here, and if the allegations as I understand them are true, this country is about to get very, very, very angry.

Two things seem certain:

I: God forgive me, but as I understand it (and I’m open to being wrong, please let me be wrong) BUT the Police look like they were right to be concerned
2: There is going to be outrage when the full story gets out the likes of which talkback have never dreamt of.

This sounds very chilling.  Half of me wants the Police to be wrong – on the grounds that then NZ doesn’t really have a group of individuals who were actually planning violence or assassination.  But half of me wants the Police to be right – on the grounds that if they did stuff up, then confidence in the Police would be massively undermined.  I guess whatever happens, NZ is worse off.

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