General Debate 15 Oct 2007

As another experiment towards a better commenting situation, I’m going to steal a device from Parliament and have one post per day which isn’t on a specific topic, but on anything else people find topical.

Generally there will be more latitude as to what one can say in the general thread (just like in Parliament) as they do not have to be tied to a specific issue.  General rules of acceptable behaviour will still apply.  But if you think the average wage increase is news, then post a comment here on what the news is, and what you think it means.

The counterpoint to having a general debate, if we’ll be less tolerant of people going off topic in the other threads.

Also doesn’t have to be political.  One can discuss the rugby, the weather.  Anything at all so long as it isn’t offensive, or breaches the posting policy, or is personally denigrating of people etc etc.

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