Full Results for Wellington City Council

Wellington City Council has now put online the full results for its STV counts.  Starting with the Mayoralty:

Kerry Predergast got 34.9% of first preferences.  Now thatmay not sound much but in second place was Ray Ahipene-Mercer who had a mere 13.5%.  Now what happens as the losing candidates drop off.

When Nick Kelly dropped out, the biggest beneficiary was Helene Ritchie who got 12.3% of his 988 votes, along with Carl Gifford. John McGarth dropped out on the 5th iteration and his 3,473 votes went most of all to Kerry who got 21.7% of them with Goulden picking up 14.% and then Ahipene-Mercer 10.4%.  That is quite logical – mainly CR vote staying on the CR.

Goulden drops out 6th and his support splits almost four qays equally. Kerry gets 15.5%, Ahipene-Mercer 14.9%, Ruben 14.8% and Papperell 14.,5%.  10% went to Ricthie and 31% went nowhere (no further candidates ranked).

Ruben drops out 7th and Pepperll picks up 23.7% followed by Ritchie on 16.6%.  Kerry gets only 11.1%.  Again very logical.

Finally Ritchie falls out and 23.4% of her vote goes to Pepperll, 19.8% to Ahipene-Mercer and 17.7% to Kerry. 39% exhausted their ballots at this stage.

In the final iteration Kerry is left with 51.0% of the remaining vote, Ahipene-Mercer with 25.4% and Peperell with 23.6%.  The vote share for Kerry Predergast and Ray Ahipene-Mercer at each iteration was:

  1. 34.9% to 13.5%
  2. 35.2% to 13.8%
  3. 35.6% to 14.1%
  4. 26.2% to 14.5%
  5. 37.0% to 15.3%
  6. 39.3% to 16.3%
  7. 41.7% to 18.1%
  8. 44.7% to 20.5%
  9. 51.0% to 25.4%

I don’t have the data on what would have happened if they needed a 10th iteration, with Peperell dropping out also.  But looking at the other iterations, I think it would have been at least a 60% to 40% result.

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