Finally given in

I’ve finally given into the temptation.

Day after day as has complained about Californication, I’ve resisted the urge to watch it, as I don’t have time to watch another TV show.

As they knocked off sponsors one by one and reported daily progress, I’ve resisted the urge.

But this weekend it got too much for me as I read this press release from Family First:

The latest episode featured explicit sex scenes, constant explicit sexual talk and innuendo, was littered with foul language including 19 uses of the ‘F’ word, the young daughter calling her father an a**hole and boasting about having a shirt that says “Jesus is a Word”, use, and an underage girl sexually touching the lead character.

They actually counted up the number of times the “F” word was used! 🙂

I give in.  My self control is not strong enough.  Just as I became hooked on Southpark after reading how Christian Heritage deplored the for having a homosexual sex scene between Saddam Hussein and Satan, I have now watched one episode of Californication and am grabbing a copy of the episode already shown.

My biggest fear is that one day will condemn Coronation Street, and I’ll feel obliged to start watching that also!

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