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Been enjoying some sun while it lasts, walking around Thorndon Hill. It’s one of the great things about living in Thorndon to have some nice greenery nearby.

Also when walking through Katherine Mansfield Park, just noticed a plaque stating that Samuel Marsden School used to be on this site before it moved to Karori.  Learn something new every day!

Anyway just been looking at what has been on TV over the last two days.  One channel had Love Actually while the other had Borat.  Can hardly get two more different films.  Luckily I love them both and have My Sky (not that they were on at the same time!

I can never decide which is my favourite sub-plot in Love Actually. Most of them are so well done.  My ratings would be:

  • Juliet, Peter and Mark – saddest – but who wouldn’t fall for Keira Knightley
  • Jamie and Aurelia – happiest – the restaurant scene never fails
  • Sam and Joanna – sweetest
  • Colin and American girls – most surprising
  • John and Judy – funniest – I love the polite courting while filming sex scenes

Watching Borat again is also great.  You remember all the side splitting parts such as the Jew Eggs, the naked wrestling, the rodeo etc. But I had forgotten haw much more there was such as telling the comedian he made love to his mother in law, as he tries to teach him some jokes.

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