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Future NZ started life as the Christian Democrats, founded by Graeme Lee in 1995. It united with in to contest the 1996 election as the Christian Coalition. They then split up and rebranded as Future NZ for the 1999 election.

After that they merged with Peter Dunne’s United NZ party (which has actually gobbled up many small parties) and as United Future won seven eight seats in 2002, reducing to three in 2005.

Then as most know Gordon Copeland announced he was leaving United Future to re-establish Future NZ as a family values/Christian party.

Now they looked to combine forces with the Destiny party, which is far more fundamentalist and evil, but it all collapsed in farce as Destiny announced their Leader was to be co-Leader without consulting Copeland.

This left the former Christian Democrats looking to carry on as Future NZ. But they have decided not to use that name. They have applied to the Electoral Commission to register as The Kiwi Party.

They also have a website. They pledge:

  1. To recognizing that Kiwi’s and their communities know what’s best for themselves
  2. To providing a means for this voice to be heard directly in via the referendum system
  3. To improving the referendum system so that it’s easier to create and implement change
  4. To honor the Judeo-Christian ethic in democracy, that each person has the right to be heard and effect the issues that effect them

I wonder if I should object to the name, in case it gets confused with my blog 🙂

If the name is accepted, we will have had the New Zealand Party, the New Zealand First Party, and now the Kiwi Party. Next must be the Silver Fern party or something.

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