Tinakori Hill

One nice thing about living in Thorndon is that Tinakori Hill is there.  Not so great if it blocks your sun, but great for those of us it doesn’t.

They have many trails from Thorndon going through the bush there.  A couple of weeks ago decided to ascend it to the top, as previously I had just gone part of the way up.


is a photo from around a third of the way up.  Most of the path is under bush, but it opens up for a few metres and you get this view.


If one carries on up, you eventually meet the Northern Walkway.


And after going to the top, and heading back down, by now closer to Wadestown, cam across little  patch of grass, which is very isolated and probably gets very few visitors. Has been marked as a good location for a future picnic.

eventually want to walk along every trail and path on Tinakori Hill.  I just love the views you get and the fact you are in bush just five minutes away from the CBD. The town belt is a real treasure.

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