Silly Frog

The Greens’ frog is having a rush of blood to his or her head.

Not only does it hysterically over-react to a call for the Iranian nuclear threat to be confronted, they breathlessly demand to know whether John Key will send troops to Iran.

First of all they seem to have conceded the next election, and assume Key will be PM. Now as this is not until probably Nov 15, some two weeks after the US elections, their hysterical scaremongering is based on the scenario that Bush will launch an invasion of Iran during his caretaker period as President.

Even putting aside their stupidity of timing, there is noone at all (except the Greens) talking seriously about invading Iran. Sure someone may drop a couple of bombs on their nuclear facilities (as Israel did to Saddam in 1979) but that is not the same as invading a country to topple its Government. And you know I can’t really see the US wanting to use our Hercules to drop bombs in the Middle East – it would take a week for them to even get there probably!

Not that I think conflict with Iran is remotely likely. Certainly not in 2008.

But I did find it interesting that Frog said:

Would he agree that Iran was “the world’s leading state sponsor of terror”? Many would say that the US was, citing their financial and technical support for Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein prior to turning against them.

When Frog says “many would say” this is code for, “most in the Greens believe”. Their hysterical anti-Americanism is why Helen Clark keeps them out of office I suspect. You just can’t have people around the Cabinet table who actually believe the US is worse than Iran. The US is far from perfect with its behaviour and choices, but really someone should send the Frog to Iran to live.

Next the Greens will blame Stalin’s 20 million dead on the US, because hey in WWII they fought with Stalin as an ally, so hell that makes them responsible for everything he did since. Now NZ also fought as an ally of Stalin, so does that also make us responsible? Hell the shame, the shame.

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