A bad place to stay

Most of my “” are positive.  The last bad hotel review I think was in Rome in 2004.

But as a service to readers I should mention Saturday Night in the Quest on Cintra Lane. I was crashing with a friend who was staying there briefly until her new apartment was ready.

A minor gripe is that there was no table for working on – just a coffee table.  So many people travel with laptops nowadays a bit of table space is necessary,

But the bed was simply horrendous.  It wasn’t so much that it was a small single bed (reminded me of the university hostel ones we used to label as contraceptives), but it was so cheap and tacky.  No real base, the wheels were such it moved about all night, and it was just awful. You get better I reckon in a youth hostel.

The final injury was when we checked out late (due to confusion over who was checking out).  Now I have no problems with a penalty for checking out late, but they refused to compromise on charging us anything less than than an entire extra night’s fee, even though the room was still available before check in.

The receptionist was very nice and I don’t blame her as she can not alter policy.  But there was no manager even available whom I could talk to.

The late checkout isn’t the biggie though.  The beds are just nasty.

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