Clark contradicts her own 9th floor spin

I blogged on Friday that the was taking us for fools when they said:

A spokeswoman for Miss Clark said the pair would not pose together for media, and their lack of contact was “just what happened” and had not been planned.

Clark on ZB yesterday is reported as saying:

In another she was asked if she regretted avoiding being photographed with Mr Glenn at the opening of the new Auckland University Business School building last week.

“Firstly, I’m not going to give media the satisfaction of running around, getting snaps like that,” she said on Newstalk ZB. “I know what the whole agenda was.”

She argued that photographs that did come out of the appearance showed her going about her duties in a dignified manner, which was not what the media wanted to see.

So it was deliberate – which we knew anyway. So why did her spokesperson lie then?
The final paragraph is an excellent example of how badly the PM is out of touch, in a classic case of .  Dignified is not what came about on Thursday. It was better than stand up comedy as you had Helen sitting all by herself on a bench as everyone else hongied Glenn, and Mallard acting as bodyguard to keep him away.  If that is a dignified look to the PM, I’d hate to see undignified.

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