Hillary helping herself lose

Hillary Clinton’s chances of winning the Democratic nomination is all going to come down to Texas, but she isn’t helping herself with yesterday’s idiocy as reported in the SMH:

During a scheduled discussion at a restaurant in the state of Ohio Senator Clinton rubbished wealthy investment bankers and hedge fund managers, saying they they weren’t doing “real work”.

Senator Clinton’s daughter, Chelsea, works for New York-based hedge fund Avenue Capital Group and previously held a post with international management consulting group, McKinsey and Company.

How stupid can you get. She should have known would be the story.

Turning to the nomination Obama has now won 11 in a row and has 1,360 delegates to 1,266 for Clinton.   Clinton needs to win both Ohio and Texas on the 4th of March.  She is miles ahead in Ohio (which somewhat ironically means she gets less credit for winning it), so it will all turn to Texas.  Even me in NZ has received an e-mail from Obama’s campaign manager in Texas calling people to arms. Ironic that Bush’s home state may decide the nomination.

If Clinton wins Texas, she is still alive but not the nominee.  If she loses Texas, then I think the DNC will start to put pressure on her to withdraw.  If she doesn’t expect Edwards to endorse Obama and super delegates to start to declare en masse to get a result.

The three polls in Ohio in February has Clinton 15% ahead of Obama. Texas has had five polls and they have Clinton ahead by 8% on average but the range is from 2% ahead to 16% ahead.

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