Hooton on EPMU

Matthew Hooton touches on the issue of whether the EPMU is eligible to register as a third party, in his column. I’m the person has raised the issue of their eligibility with the Electoral Commission, so won’t comment in detail on Matthew’s column, as (unlike the EPMU) I don’t believe I should be litigating the issue through the media at the same time as it is under consideration.

Matthew was also on radio this morning with Laila Harre and discussing the polls.

Harre commented “This is very very bad for Labour … has a feel of 1990 about it … if they feel they can do business as usual they are wrong”.

Later on she said “The only thing that can save Labour is giving people a reason to vote for them … not dirty politics”

Matthew meanwhile said that if Labour had the rumoured neutron bomb, they need to drop it in the next week or so, as it will look too desperate and too late later in the year.

Also very interesting was the suggestion that the Greens could get 15% if they aggressively targeted Labour’s vote.

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