Nine to Noon politics

Just been listening to yesterday’s politics segment on Nine to Noon:

  •   spoke on how Maori Party may have of six seats, and well placed to help choose the next Government
  • Laila Harre says Labour can not form Government without the Maori Party and without an for the Maori Party. That will doom MMP in my opinion if a Government only gets a majority because of the overhang
  • Harre  says if there was a credible alternative to Clark her leadership would be under threat, but there is no credible alternative
  • Hooton points out is 0% in preferred PM polls, and he will be grateful for that because if he was at 5% or so, then he might be pressured to stand.
  • Best lines were Hooton saying “I always support any sacking of any District Health Board” and “if he wants to be bold, he should sack them all” 🙂
  • But went on to say that sacking a board just 72 days after it was elected seems unwise, especially with allegations which involve another Government Minister.
  • Also funny was when Matthew asked Kathryn Ryan and Laile Harre who the voted for on their local DHB and let’s say there were no quick answers. Hell I doubt I can even recall who I voted for without checking.
  • Harre doesn’t support DHB amalgamations

Always my favourite Nine to Noon segment – but I am a politics junkie.

What I find interesting is I listen to half a dozen Nine to Noon items a week – but none of them live – all from their website.

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