Owen Glenn and Bill Lloyd

Murray McCully writes in his weekly newsletter:

Remaining Mysteries
A week of excruciating embarrassment has been endured by our Prime and her Government.  She, who last year climbed onto such a high on the subject of campaign finance disclosure, has been caught leading a party that misled New Zealanders over a $100,000 loan made by Owen Glenn.  Mr Glenn will by now have departed these shores, but one small mystery remains:

In a 2005 interview with “Unlimited” magazine, Mr Glenn made reference to “my friend Bill Lloyd,” with whom he hoped “to build some luxury yauchts up here in Hobsonville.”  Mr Lloyd, readers may recall, had been the controversial recipient of assistance from one Jim Anderton in the procurement of land at Hobsonville.

Mr Glenn told his 2005 interviewer that Mr Lloyd had been “badly dealt by” in the matter.  “…but it’s all been resolved through the good services of Mike Williams, the President of the Labour Party, who’s done a mammoth job,” said Mr Glenn.

So, just what sort of “mammoth job” was that?

Mr Williams does indeed seem a tireless worker on behalf of his donors. And as it was taxpayer money given to Mr Lloyd, I think we would all like to know the nature and extent of mammoth job done by Labour’s chief fundraiser.

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