Some facts about Owen Glenn

Some related facts about Owen Glenn:

  1. He was not born in New Zealand.
  2. He has not lived in New Zealand for over 40 years.
  3. He is not eligible to vote in New Zealand.
  4. He is estimated to have a fortune of around NZ$1.1 billion.
  5. He donated $500,000 to Labour for the 2005 election.
  6. This is the largest known donor ever in New Zealand politics.
  7. The Labour Party amended the Electoral Finance Bill to specifically allow him to keep donating money, while restricting other foreign donations to $1,000 (by defining a foreign donation as being okay from overseas residents who are NZ citizens even though they are ineligible to enrol or vote)
  8. He gave Labour a further $100,000 interest free loan in 2007.
  9. Labour gave him a gong – Officer of the NZ Order of Merit in 2007.
  10. Labour President Mike Williams lied when he said they had not received a donation from Owen Glenn since the 2005 election, as the interest free loan counts as a donation.
  11. Mike Williams has said he will be asking Owen Glenn for money for the 2008 election.
  12. Owen Glenn says Bill Lloyd of Sovereign Yachts had been “badly dealt by” over getting cheap Government land for his business “…but it’s all been resolved through the good services of Mike Williams, the President of the Labour Party, who’s done a mammoth job.”
  13. Owen Glenn wants to be Honorary Consul for NZ to Monaco.
  14. Before Owen wanted this post, the Government had repeatedly ruled out having a Consul in Monaco.
  15. Mike Williams lobbied Helen Clark on behalf of Owen Glenn to get him made Consul.
  16. Owen Glenn lobbed Winston Peters to be made Consul and said he will be confirmed as Consul “when Peters gets off his arse”.
  17. Owen Glenn was never given any negative signals about being made Consul even though a previous expression of interest by an individual was comprehensively ruled out by the Government.
  18. Owen Glenn says he has donated money to NZ First.
  19. The then NZ First President says a five figure donation closer to $100,000 than $10,000 appeared anonymously in their bank account in December 2007.
  20. Winston Peters says NZ First has never received any money from Owen Glenn or his associates.
  21. NZ First filed a donations return claiming no-one gave then more than $10,000 in 2007.
  22. Owen Glenn’s PR firm advised Owen Glenn not to contradict Winston’s denials even though he did make a donation.
  23. The Maori Party say someone offered them $250,000 as a campaign donation before the 2005 election if it agreed to support Labour. The offer was made twice.
  24. The Maori Party say it was made on behalf of someone who “lived outside New Zealand, and had donated money to the Labour Party” and the intermediary met with him on a yacht or a boat.
  25. Owen Glenn’s PR firm says he was right to deny he made the offer.
  26. Labour and NZ First forced through the Electoral Finance Act whose purpose is “to strengthen the governing electoral financing and broadcasting, in order to … prevent the undue influence of wealth on electoral outcomes and … provide greater transparency and accountability on the part of candidates, parties, and other persons engaged in election activities in order to minimise the perception of corruption”

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