Councils reject Government housing affordability bill

Every Council that has submitted on the Government’s Affordable Housing bill is against it, and has said it does not know of a single Council who would use it, if passed.

Here are some quotes:

Auckland said the bill would require it to analyse who qualified as needing an affordable home.

“This bill requires [councils] to take an interventionist role in social policy and the domestic arrangements of residents that Auckland City Council does not consider appropriate for local government.”

Indeed.  It means big rates rises for everyone, including oh yeah home owners.

Manukau City’s submission called for the bill to be withdrawn, saying it left councils and ratepayers effectively subsidising cheaper houses.

This is all the Government seems to know sometimes. Instead of focusing on fundamentals such as how to improve the overall wealth of NZ, their instinctive response to every issue is merely for rich pricks to subsidise everyone else.

We’ll see this later this year when all taxpayers will be asked to have more of their tax dollars go towards extending paid parental leave.  That won’t stop people fleeing to Australia.

The North Shore City Council said it would need two years and up to $250,000 to establish a policy on implementing the changes.

The bill’s provisions would push up the overall cost of housing, leaving “middle-income New Zealanders” paying more for their homes.

Yep affordable housing for Labour means having “rich pricks” or as NSCC calls them “middle-income NZers” paying more for their housing.

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