The Hive on Tibet

The Hive has some advice for China.  And it is pretty good advice. Queen Bee is not a huge fan it seems of the Dalai Lama and the former feudal Tibet, but the Chinese response is so over the top, it damages them greatly. So the Hive suggests:

  • fire the Editor of The People’s Daily;
  • fire who ever it was who led the response on the ground to the demonstrations in Tibet;
  • make all those arrested and who were guilty of property damage do some community service to make amends;
  • release those who protested but did not damage property;
  • don’t execute anyone, but feel free to otherwise throw the book at anyone guilty of physical assault;
  • ask the Dalai Lama to show a bit more restraint and offer to send an envoy to meet him in a neutral location to ensure his concerns are discussed;
  • allow tourists to return to Tibet immediately;
  • ask your Embassies and Consulates abroad to write Op to all local newspapers reminding people what life in feudal Tibet was like (particularly for the slaves) before Deng Xiaoping moved in from Sichuan to liberate Tibet;
  • invite any Foreign who wants to, to visit Tibet this year;
  • allow the foreign media (not just Hong Kong media) immediate access to Tibet.

Not bad advice.

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