Obama and the Preacher

The Herald reports on the well known news about Barack Obama distancing himself from his preacher who said Sept the 11th was retribution for US (and he said it just a few days afterwards), that the US Govt invented AIDS and said God should damn America, not praise it.

The media have been letting Obama off pretty lightly, because they all hate Hillary too much.  But National Review’s Jonah Goldberg makes an astute comparison:

If John McCain had spent twenty years hanging with Pat Robertson, describing him as his mentor, attending Robertson’s church, having his kids baptized by Robertson, having Robertson officiate at his wedding,  giving him the inspiration for the title of his career-making autobiography, collaborating with him in political organizing, and then tried  to dismiss criticism  by calling Robertson his lovable uncle who sometimes goes too far, there is no way on God’s green earth Yglesias or his crowd would call this “trumped up.”

People are wanting to know what lies behind Obama’s rhetoric.  Is he just another Jesse Jackson or is he a candidate who can unite?

This issue will be around for a while. McCain won’t touch it as he doesn’t need to.

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