A new super union

The Hive has an interesting piece on the proposed merger of United, the NDU and SFWU. They say it will be around the same size as the EPMU, and in a position to take the presidency of the CTU with Laila Harre as the candidate.

One big question is whether the combined union will join the Labour Party. Unite is not an affiliate member, but NDU and SFWU are I believe.

On a related issue, NZPA reports today:

Council of Trade Unions (CTU) president Helen Kelly told the party’s congress today it would run a major campaign, with its affiliate unions, to help the Government win a fourth term.

The Australian unions spent $10 million helping get Labor elected there. Who knows how much will be spent in NZ, but remember money in politics is only bad, if it is used to campaign against Labour, not for it.

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