More “confusion” from Williams?

Michele Hewitson interviews Mike Williams in the Weekend Herald. He agreed to it before he got told to stop giving interviews.

He says that of course some good ideas came out of the congress but that it’s a big party and there are always going to be some dumb ones. “You cannot stop people coming up with idiotic ideas and if I’d heard what he’d said would have said, ‘That’s a bloody stupid idea’.” At the time he said he didn’t know that “he” was Ruth Dyson’s husband.

Didn’t he? understand that he did refer to him by first name. It would be extraordinary not to recognise someone who has been a long-time member of the ruling NZ Council.

They also discuss the song, which he thinks was “quite good”:

am fixated on another amazingly silly moment from the congress: the god-awful sing-song by four lady Labour MPs.

“Well, thought it was quite good.”

He must, say, be lying through his teeth.

“Well, thought the words were quite good. I thought the singers were vocally challenged.”

That is one way of putting it, although was too engaged in snorting into my to put it that way.

He says, “For God’s sake, we’ve got to chill out a bit. You’ve got to have a bit of fun. thought it was funny.”

“It wasn’t funny. It was appalling,” I say. “The only thing that could have been a worse look would have been morris dancing.”

Michelle – he wasn’t lying through his teeth, he was merely confused through his teeth!

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