NZ Blogs on Peter Brown

I thought it would be interesting to see what the most well known political blogs have said on ’s atrocious attacks on Asian immigrants.

  1. Kiwiblog – criticised hypocritical Brown
  2. Public Address – no comment
  3. Whale Oil – calls him hypocritical racist
  4. No Right Turn – vile rhetoric
  5. Not PC – labels Brown a bigot
  6. Frog Blog – no comment
  7. The Standard – calls him racist and links to excellent Campbell Live interview
  8. Kiwiblogblog – no comment
  9. The Hive – calls it despicable
  10. Tumeke – Bomber covers issue, negative on Brown

Good to see The Standard joining No Right Turn in attacking Brown, despite Brown’s party supporting the Government on supply and confidence.

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