The PM’s Office meant to send this to all MPs, but accidentially sent it to all MPs in all parties:

From: xxxx <xxxxxx@Parliament.govt.nz>
To: Labour Elect Offices, All MPs-All
Sent: Fri Apr 04 14:42:56 2008
Subject: April 1 pack – destroy any mockups of April flier

Hello All

The final version of the small, red, April 1 fliers have Mike Smith’s authorisation on them.  They are safe for distribution, however some of you may have an A4 mock-up of the April 1 flier amongst other material in the white MP packs for 1 April

Please destroy these.  They did not have the mock up on them.  Also for added safety they should not be photocopied – regards xxxx

<name deleted>
Senior Communications Advisor
Office of Rt Hon Helen Clark

Now is that Mike Smith’s home address or work address on them, and will they be including these taxpayer funded election advertisements in their expenses return?

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