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Went with a couple of mates to again last night. Three of the MPs had been on before – , , and newcomer .

Spent quite a bit of time talking about P. Jacqui and Doug pushing a hard line approach on P and gangs. Hone made the point to some applause neither of them would know a gang if one bit them in the arse. I did think Sue Bradford misjudged things by saying that P was a distraction and people should be more concerned about peak oil and global warming. I think that shows a certain disconnect from society.

Very amusing was discussion of Mt Eden prison and Sue and Hone talking about their stays there, or as Hone put it – his bed and breakfast visit.

I did some minor heckling but nothing in comparison to a certain other blogger who really was loud when he wanted to be! I did like (if I can say so) my suggestion that the solution to P should be to set up a P emissions trading scheme for it 🙂

The funniest part of the night for me was when chatting to one of the other regulars, who can only be described as a stunningly attractive blond. I introduced her to my friend (Hunting Man), and it was only when he mentioned his job that she pointed out they had actually met a short while ago at a business meeting. Much ribbing followed of Hunting Man for managing to forget such an, umm, unforgettable person.

The show is still good fun.  A few people have mentioned though that it tries to fit too much in and the debates get cut a bit short. I think this is a valid criticism, and if I was looking to change things I would consider getting rid of the pre-recorded segment where they look in an MPs office. The novelty is starting to wear off!

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