Halfway there

Departing Wellington was rather hilarious as I was nicely settled into the Koru Club and suddenly realized I hadn’t sent my office the database for the poll that evening.

It was around 4.55 p.m. and the boarding call for the 5.30 p.m. light was at 5.10 p.m.

I booted up the laptop, connected via Vodafone Mobile, and downloaded the file I needed, made the necessary changes and just as they made the second boarding call hit the send button.

The problem is they are quite large files and on a mobile connection it takes a few minutes to upload. A few more minutes go by and it is still sending and they have done the final final boarding call.

I am reluctant to not have the file send as it means my staff will have no work to do, yet I will still be paying them. So I grab the laptop and walk down to the departure gate, holding it open as it still sends.

If you have ever wondered if a working transmitting laptop can go through the x-ray okay, the answer is yes. The wee thing kept on uploading and with six minutes to go before departure I check in but ask the gate attendant if I can just stand at the entrance way until everyone else has gone on board to give myself an extra few seconds.

Just as it is three minutes before departure, and I have to give up, the outbox wonderfully clears. Whew. I jump on board as they close the door.

In Auckland meet up with Coast to Coast Girl as in a moment of I had agreed to take a pram over to London with me, for her pregnant sister. I did remark several times that I was pretty sure they sold prams in London but my sarcasm was lost on her. I can say it is the first time I have ever travelled with a pram!

What is even funnier is the Ginga Ninja is travelling with me, so having two blokes check in a pram on a flight must be the ultimate in progressive politics. Should earn me a spot on the Labour list I reckon 

The flight to LA (where I am posting this from) was pretty good. They now allow you on to start watching movies before and during take off and landing which is excellent. I used to hate having to wait half an hour from when you board. Watched Charlie Wilson’s war which was okay but not as good as I thought it would be. Also been reading the Bassett biography of Lange.

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