Below is a transcript of an unsolicited MSN Messenger chat last night. I think he objects to my views on civil unions. Very very weird. He seems fixated with homosexuals.

I have changed his name (it is not really Andrew) as requested by him, when I told him I would blog the conversation.

Time From Message
11:41:28 p.m. Andrew die satan scum!
11:41:36 p.m. Andrew i spurn you like i would spurn a rabid dog
11:41:45 p.m. dpf really
11:41:55 p.m. Andrew yea
11:42:04 p.m. dpf well why bother to initiate a conversation then

11:42:46 p.m. Andrew sorry for being presumptious, forgive me father for i have sinned. I am a child of the purest belief
11:43:17 p.m. dpf doesn’t bother me either way
11:43:55 p.m. Andrew it should. surely you have some kind of unfounded opinion. a hypothetical guess. share with us, don’t be shy. we are not here to judge
11:44:06 p.m. Andrew strudel
11:44:22 p.m. dpf as i have never met you, it doesn

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