The fascists unite

A reader sends this in:

You may remember a couple of years ago resigned his leadership of the National Front – at the time the most successful fascist-right party operating in NZ. Chapman had led the NF to new heights in terms of media coverage and membership, possibly coming close to the 500 required to register. The NF fell apart, and the remains into lethargy following his resignation.

Kyle hit a few headlines in Christchurch last year when he made a spectacularly failed attempt at the Mayoralty, even gaining last place in his run for Community Board. He was running as part of a new party – the National Democrats, led by a fellow former NF cohort – Anton Foljambe. Both Chapman and Foljambe had stood as part of the Direct Democracy Party in 2005, but left soon after.

Now here is the interesting bit. Despite Chapman’s resignation from NF on the basis of concern for his kids’ safety (widely thought to be a lie), he has again jumped right back into the fold. Three fascist parties – the National Democrats, the New Right, and the National Front have formed an alliance to contest the 2008 election. This party is to be known as the Nationalist Alliance and will be led by none other than Kyle Chapman.

I do hope they stand a candidate in Wellington Central – it would make the Aro Valley meeting even more enjoyable than normal! There isn’t a law against setting candidates alight is there?

They do have of course the right to organise and seek election. And we have the right to mock and ridicule them.

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