Transport to Barrier

I’ll have a few posts and photos of the long weekend on Great Barrier Island. It was wonderful to get away, and I loved not having phone and e-mail. The weather was and sunny all four days – unbelievable good luck considering we are officially in Winter now.

One can take boat or plane to GBI. The boat takes over four hours so it was easy to choose the 30 minute flight. The aircraft are tiny – no middle aisle – everyone gets in through a side entrance.

The flight over was great as you travel so much lower down than normal – got great views of Auckland, and as we went over GBI itself, I swear we were just 10 – 20 metres above the bush.

We landed at Claris, in the centre of GBI. Rental car was waiting for us – a minor problem being it was a manual and I last drove a manual oh around 15 years ago. Luckily the co-driver was not so limited, so I got relegated to the passenger seat.

This is the main road to Port Fitzroy in the North. The main roads are sealed in the South, but are gravel in most places.

This is the bungalow we stayed at. It is solar powered and was great – two minutes from Kaitoke Beach and a fireplace for heating. Would recommend it for anyone else wanting a nice place to stay.

They had a nice special – $500 each for return flights, three nights accommodation and the rental car for three days.

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