Who won what?

I’ve done a quick analysis of the 51 states (including DC) and how they voted. I’ve excluded the colonies and Abroad because at the end of the day only people in one of the 51 states/DC get to vote.

Obama won 30 states to 21 for Clinton. A pretty clear victory. However he won the smaller states – worth only 227 votes, while Clinton’s 21 are worth 311 electoral college votes.

Obama had the five biggest margins – 63% in Idaho to 38% in Kansas. Clinton’s best result was 32% in Arkansas.

There were few close races – only 10 states had a less than 10% margin and only three states had a less than 3% margin.

So what might mean for the contest vs McCain? Obama leads McCain by an average 1.4% at the moment. But as most knew it is all about the count.

The current RCP electoral map has Obama 6 (272 – 266) votes ahead of McCain – so almost neck and neck. vs McCain had a larger 30 vote gap in Clinton’s favour.

expect Obama will now get a huge bump in the polls from having secured the nomination. It will be interesting to see how sucessfully he can the Democrats – especially those white working class supporters.

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