Prince Caspian

I saw at the weekend. The chronicles I first read at primary school, and have been re-read many times since.

It was pretty good. The battle scenes were well done, and the Telmarines played their part well. The Edmund character was far better than last time.

The biggest disappointment was Caspian himself. He came across too self-obsessed and whiny. He seemed too focused on his rightful inheritance rather than restoring Narnia.

Overall kept too the plot fairly well, except for the addition of the attack on the castle which never happened. I am glad they kept in the attempt to summon back the White Witch as that is a fundamental part of the book – the choice between good and evil power.

The Christian allegory was also well done. The emphasis on faith was well done, without overly dominating.

Oh yes and I loved Reepicheep – as I knew I would.

The Narnia movie I am really looking forward to is the next one – Voyage of the Dawn Treader. It’s a grand wee adventure.

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