Coromandel Day I

Headed up North just after Thursday lunchtime to avoid the traffic and made around 5.30 pm. Spent the night in Taupo, and nice view of Lake Taupo as the sun came up.

On the way to the stopped at for breakfast.

Arrived at around lunchtime on Good Friday. This is the place we’re staying at.

The view from the (very large) deck. Yes, we have been out there a lot.

Looking down and out.

And you can see the crowds down at Hot Water Beach during low tide.

Then we headed to Hahei, where above is the start of the walk to .

It’s around a 45 minute walk in, and mainly uncovered but a few parts get into the bush.

The view around half way along the path.

Then we are down in the cove. It was highish tide as you can see.

The famous tunnel which makes Cathedral Cove iconic. It was incidentally used as the entrance to Narnia in the Prince Caspian film.

Looking out to sea.

Kids love going up on the ledge. All around the examples of erosion are massive.

At the lookout on the way back, with one of Jadis’ kids. There’s eight of us staying here at the moment, and have some more friends visiting later.

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