Satire from Pound

Simon Pound does an excellent satirical guest post at Public Address:

John Key has announced the adoption of yet another flagship Labour policy – having a female leader. In a one-page briefing released today he stated that under a National government he would undergo gender realignment to have what it takes to lead the Country.

Heh. Excellent.

ACT leader could not be reached for comment having lost his cellphone while attempting to jump a shark on a jetski.

Ouch. That is so biting for those who remember Happy Days.

Green Party co-leader Russell Norman welcomed the move:

“In our party we have for a long time believed that a person’s sex was an important consideration when selecting an able leader. Our constitution requires it. We are glad that National are starting to adopt our sound policies also.”

is true. Because Sue Bradford does not have a penis, she was ineligible to replace Rod Donald as a co-leader.

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