Today’s Dim-Post

The best comedy and about the election is online. Danyl has some gems today:

  • While speaking to a small group of army medics in Waiouru John Key announced that Dr Lockwood Smith’s plane has been shot down over the sea of Japan
  • The Green Party held a photo opportunity at Pauatahanui estuary in Mana electorate at which co-leaders Russel Norman and Jeannette Fitzsimmons pitched Green fiscal policy to a thick film of marine algea.
  • New Zealand First leader Winston Peters met with police detectives and the Reserve Bank to discuss his plans to stimulate the New Zealand economy by printing more money; the detectives have confiscated a Macintosh computer and two color printers from New Zealand First offices.
  • Maori Party co-leader Tariana Turia announced that the removal of Tin from the periodic table of elements would be a bottom line for any coalition deal with a major party.

The sad thing is that Winston’s monetary policy is not very different to the above!

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